Sunday, 29 July 2012

Show origin and destination on MapQuest with API

Do you want to show some location on MapQuest or  origin and destination on MapQuest?..then you have come to the right place.
First, i thought it was a difficult task but after exploring their API's it was a piece of cake :).
You simply need to create a link to their map search and you are done. Just remember that it doesn't work properly on local server but it work like a charm on Online Servers (So don't panic if it doesn't load on your local server).
Suppose you want to show the path between  Tyler , TX 75701 and  Fort Lauderdale FL 33311
 your link should look like this:- &daddr= Fort Lauderdale+ FL+33311+(Destination)&vs=directions
Click here to view on the map.

Please refer to this link for More details and customization >> Link <<.Please Note that there are some click "Here" links on that page ,which will give you detailed description in tabular form.

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